Pressure Washing

Pressure washing from 626 Power Washing removes unwanted dirt, mud, mold, and grime from your surfaces. It’s the most efficient way to clean the filth off your property, saving you from potential damage and costly repairs. Call us today for service from a reliable pressure washing company.

House Pressure Washing

House pressure washing removes buildup and gives your home a facelift. With our help, we’ll preserve your house and keep your property bright and clean. Our team will clean your home’s walls, siding, and other exterior surfaces.

cleaning wooden terrace with high pressure washer

Deck Cleaning

Over time, your deck will start to show signs of wear and tear. We want to keep your outdoor space looking great with deck cleaning to remove the grime and make it look new again.

Driveway Washing

Dirt, oil, and debris can build up on driveways over time. 626 Power Washing makes sure your driveway, sidewalk, or curb is spotless with our driveway washing service. We take the muck and grime out of all your surfaces. When you need efficient pressure washing, call